Board of Directors

Igor Fisch, PhD


Dr. Igor Fisch cofounded Selexis SA in March 2001 and has been the company’s Chairman and CEO since its inception. Igor grew the company, reaching its breakeven point in 2005, into a profitable service and licensing business, based on its proprietary technology. Igor brings to the company his extensive network of key decision-makers in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries and has a demonstrated track record for executing major licensing deals in the industry worldwide.

Igor cofounded BioXpress SA, a provider of high-quality biosimilars, and sits on its Advisory Board. He is on the board of the Venture Kick initiative, which provides support and funding to translate promising business ideas from Swiss Universities into start-up companies. Igor previously was a Board Member of Viroblock SA, a company that he helped create, which is developing a unique range of proprietary anti-viral products. He was previously a member of the Board of Directors of Affitech A/S, a biopharmaceutical company listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen, dedicated to the discovery and development of human antibody-based therapeutics.

An accomplished protein chemist and molecular biologist, Igor previously was a professor at the Center for Biotechnology at the University of Lausanne and the EPFL. He obtained his PhD under the direction of Professor Robin Offord at the University of Geneva and pursued his post-doctoral studies in the laboratory of Prof. Sir Gregory Winter at the Medical Research Council (MRC) in Cambridge, UK. In parallel to his research and teaching activities, Igor obtained several awards including the De Vigier Prize and the NETS Best Prize.

In 2016, BioProcess International named Igor as the winner of the 2016 “Excellence in Leadership Award.” This honor was bestowed to Igor as an outstanding leader who defines excellence and who has enabled more effective, less expensive biotherapeutic development and manufacturing.

Professor Nicolas Mermod, PhD


Nicolas Mermod is Professor of Biotechnology in the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at the University of Lausanne. After completing his doctoral studies at the University of Geneva and his post doctoral studies at the University of California, Berkeley, USA, Professor Mermod joined the University of Lausanne as an Assistant Professor at the Swiss National Science Foundation and became a Full Professor in the Department of Biotechnology. He is also a cofounder and board member of Selexis. As head of a laboratory with over 20 scientists, Professor Mermod conducts teaching and research activities at the Center for Biotechnology UNIL-EPFL. Professor Mermod has gained a reputation in the fields of molecular biology and the control of gene expression and has authored a number of scientific publications and patents.

Peter Pfister, PhD


After completing his PhD in economics at the University of Basel in Switzerland, Peter has held several positions in general management and finance in Switzerland, France, and the US. He is a former CFO of Adecco SA, a publicly traded company with sales of CHF 25 billion. He has also served as President of Adecco North America and President of Adecco’s Professional Staffing and Services Division. Peter is now a consultant and a private investor.

Marcel Schmocker, LLM


Marcel Schmocker started his career as an associate of a Bernese Law firm and then joined the Adecco Group, one of the world’s largest staffing companies, for which he served as the Group’s General Counsel from 1989 to 2004. In 2005, he became the General Counsel of SR Technics Group, a Swiss-based independent maintenance provider for aircrafts. In 2010, he joined Clariden Leu, a private Swiss bank, as its General Counsel. After the merger of Clariden Leu with Credit Suisse in 2012, Marcel Schmocker was the head of Legal and Compliance of the Swiss booked private banking business within Credit Suisse and later became a Senior Advisor to the General Counsel. He retired from Credit Suisse at the end of June 2016.

Marcel Schmocker graduated from law school at the University of Bern in 1983 and was admitted to the bar that same year. In 1986 he acquired a Master of Law degree (LLM) from Duke University, North Carolina, USA. Marcel Schmocker is a specialist in M&A, Finance, Contracts, and Licensing. He is a board member of several Swiss-based companies that are active in the biotech, medical, and IT sectors.