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Connected in a culture of collaboration, compassion, and personal fulfillment, Selexis employees contribute to solutions that transcend the boundaries of individual day-to-day duties.

SELEXIS CEO Markus Womack

Mark Womack

Chief Executive Officer

An organization builder with a track record of delivering unprecedented growth ...

Regine Brokamp

Regine Brokamp


Regine is in charge of our operations at Selexis at the...

Alberto Garotti Chief Financial Officer

Alberto Garotti


Alberto joined Selexis with nearly 30 years of experience leading the...

Pierre Alain Girod PhD Chief Scientific Officer

Pierre-Alain Girod, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Pierre-Alain is a graduate of the University of Lausanne, Department of...

HECHT Roland2 - selexis-portraits-1033

Roland Hecht, PhD

Chief Business Officer

Roland joined Selexis from Polpharma Biologics where he was head of business development, CDMO Europe.

Myriam Adam, PhD

Myriam Adam, PhD


Myriam joined Selexis in 2012 as project leader, managing and coordinating...

Ghislaine Arib, PhD

Ghislaine Arib, PhD

Genomic Director

Ghislaine joined Selexis in July 2015 as Genomic Director responsible for...

David Calabrese, PhD

David Calabrese, PhD

Director, Cell Line Services

David is director of cell line services. He is responsible for...

FAGETE Séverine -selexis-portraits-139

Séverine Fagète, PhD

VP, Cell Line Development Services

Séverine joined Selexis in December 2015 to lead the Cell Line...

Alexandre Regamey, PhD

Alexandre Regamey, PhD

Director, Molecular Biology

Alexandre is Director of Molecular Biology for Selexis. Alexandre joined Selexis...