Selexis CHO Cells in Suspension-1

Scientific Leadership

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Alexandre Regamey, PhD

Director, Molecular Biology


Alexandre is Director of Molecular Biology for Selexis. Alexandre joined Selexis in 2007 with a focus on improving the SUREtech Vectors, as well as engineering the SURE CHO-M Cell Line. Currently, he is responsible for the generation of all expression vectors for clients’ projects and the R&D on the Selexis SURE CHO-Mplus Libraries and SUREtech Vectors.

Alexandre’s PhD and first postdoctoral fellowship, which were completed at the University of Lausanne (CH) and the University of Sydney (AUS), consisted of the study of chromosomal rearrangements and the link between replication and division cycles in Bacillus subtilis, respectively. He then worked as a Research Associate in Oncology at CHUV University Hospital (CH) on the CYLD tumor suppressor gene before joining the Laboratory of Molecular Biotechnology at EPFL FSB LBTM (CH), where he discovered a family of mouse genetic sequences that are involved in the epigenetic regulation of genes.