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Corporate Leadership

Connected in a culture of collaboration, compassion, and personal fulfillment, Selexis employees contribute to solutions that transcend the boundaries of individual day-to-day duties.

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Roland Hecht, PhD

Chief Business Officer


Roland joined Selexis from Polpharma Biologics where he was head of business development, CDMO Europe. Previously, he was chief customer officer at CDMO start-up biopharmaceuticals company, Halix B.V. Prior, he grew his expertise in CDMO services, business development, marketing and sales as senior director of business development and vice president of business development at BIOMEVA GmbH and CMC Biologics (both now part of AGC Biologics), respectively. He was also senior director of international sales at Rentschler Biotechnologie GmbH. Roland earned his doctorate in molecular biology from the Medical University of Homburg, Institute for Human Genetics, as well as a degree in business administration.