Selexis CHO Cells in Suspension-1


Selexis enables biopharmaceutical companies to produce virtually any recombinant therapeutic protein, because we have the ability to understand and modify our cells to address productivity and expression challenges.


KBI Biopharma SA and Selexis SA Expand in Europe by Opening an Integrated Biologics Manufacturing Facility in Geneva, Switzerland

JULY 2022

KBI Biopharma and Selexis, both JSR Life Sciences companies, announce that an expanded, fully-integrated mammalian contract development and manufacturing services facility is now open and operational in Geneva, Switzerland.

One Premier Location For Cell Line Development, Process Development, And Manufacturing. Built For End-To-End Services, And Globally Known For Tackling Some Of The Most Challenging Biologics Projects.

JULY 2022

We recently held a ribbon-cutting at our state-of-the-art facility in Geneva, Switzerland. Designed to directly serve the increased demand for biopharmaceutical drug development and manufacturing in Europe, the facility will support an integrated, end-to-end process of Selexis’ cell line development (CLD) services along with KBI’s contract development and manufacturing services for industry clients throughout the immediate region and beyond.


Maximize your biotherapeutic development success rate

JULY 2022

Meet Elodie Pothin, PhD, our Business Development Manager to learn to what extent Selexis can help you maximizing your biotherapeutic development success rate.

What is it like when cell line development leader join forces with best analytics CDMO?

JULY 2022

Meet Roland Hect, PhD, our Chief Business Officier to witness what it is like when cell line development leader Selexis joins forces with KBI, the CDMO with the best analytical platform worldwide.

Excitment at work

JULY 2022

Meet Maria-Pilar Giménez Muñoz, our Marketing Associate Director to hear how it feels like to work in a purpose-driven company such as Selexis.

Why is Selexis a Best Place to Work?

JULY 2022

Meet Alberto Garotti, our Chief Financial Officier to hear why Selexis is a Best Place to Work.

Join a purpose-oriented company

JULY 2022

Meet Thomas Clames, our Finance Controlling Officier to hear how it feels like to work in a purpose-driven company such as Selexis.

Your biotherapeutic program is the only one in the hands of an absolute expert in the field - Experience the feeling

JULY 2022

Meet Regine Brokamp, our Chief Operating Officier to hear how your new biotherapeutic program will be pampered at Selexis.

Reach high titers with the right format in difficult-to-express protein production

JULY 2022

Meet Séverine Fagète, PhD, our Cell Line Services Vice President to see how Selexis achives best-in-class difficult-to-express titer in stable cell lines.

Your project is unique and so do we treat you

JULY 2022

Meet Sonja Delalu, PhD, our Business Development and licensing director to see how your new biotherapeutic project will be valued at Selexis.