Selexis has been setting the pace of innovation in protein expression and establishing new benchmarks in bioproduction for  two decades.

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ADIENNE Pharma & Biotech Signs Service Agreement with Selexis for the Development of a Novel Fully Human Mini-Antibody

May 15, 2012 2:07:40 PM

Geneva, Switzerland, May 15, 2012 (PRNewswire) – Selexis SA, a global life sciences company for drug discovery, cell line development and scale-up to manufacturing of therapeutic proteins, announced today that ADIENNE Pharma & Biotech has entered into a Service Agreement with Selexis for the rapid development of a manufacturing cell line for one of ADIENNE’s orphan drugs.

"We are very pleased that ADIENNE has chosen to use Selexis for the development of its molecule," said Igor Fisch, PhD, CEO of Selexis SA. “Combining our expertise in difficult-to-express proteins with our SUREtechnology Platform™ is an important step in advancing ADIENNE’s project to the clinic.”
"Selexis expertise will be an added value for our molecule,” said Antonio Francesco Di Naro, PhD, Founder, and CEO of ADIENNE Pharma & Biotech. “This collaboration will be fruitful for our company.”

ADIENNE is a dynamic pharma and biotech company dedicated to the treatment of rare and severe diseases. It is located in Bergamo (Italy) and operates both in the European and in the International pharmaceutical market. ADIENNE’s mission is to satisfy unmet clinical needs. Within the frame of challenging and life-threatening clinical pathologies, the company develops biological orphan drugs products from research to commercialization in onco-haematology, autoimmune diseases, solid organ and bone marrow transplantation. ADIENNE is involved in biotechnology research and production, holding its own laboratories and manufacturing site, with fully integrated scientific, regulatory, pharmacovigilance, clinical, medical and commercial structures.

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