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May 19, 2020

Contract Pharma Selexis Makes Scientific and Operational Promotions by Contract Pharma Staff


February 11, 2020

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Selexis Cell Line Development Strategies by John Morrow, Jr., PhD



September 21, 2019

The Center for Biosimilars First Dornase Alfa Biosimilar Approved and Launched in Russia by The Centers for Biosimilars Staff


April 11, 2019 Selexis’ biologic platform generates first-ever approved Soliris biosimilar by Maggie Lynch


April 11, 2019 

BioProcess International World’s first Soliris biosimilar launched in Russia by Dan Stanton


January 14, 2019

BioProcess International Selexis and Agenus expand immune-oncology cell line deal by BPI Staff



December 27, 2018 

BioProcess International TeneoBio expands cell banking deal with Selexis by Dan Stanton


October 9, 2018

BioProcess International Hoba (cell) banks on Selexis to advance neuropathic pain program by Dan Stanton


July 11, 2018 Selexis and Symphogen Expand Partnership to Process two mAbs by Ben Hargreaves


April 19, 2018 Selexis Says $2M Investment Will Speed Up Cell Bank Delivery Time by Flora Southey


February 28, 2018

FierceBiotech Xencor extends collaboration with Selexis to advance bispecific antibody programs by Angus Liu



November 1, 2017

Genetic Engineering News Weighing Protein Expression Levels with Cell Growth by Angelo DePalma, Ph.D.


June 27, 2017  BioProcess International Selexis Announces Commercial License Agreement with Takeda for the Development of Fusion Proteins by BPI Contributor


May 8, 2017 Selexis’ Swiss Investment in mammalian cell lines by Flora Southey


February 21, 2017 

\ Sanofi hires Selexis SA for three cell line development deals by Gareth Macdonald



October 10, 2016

Contract Pharma Cell Line Development Trends: How CHO cell line development technologies are improving biologics development from early phase to IND By Igor Fisch


October 7, 2016

BioProcess International BioProcess International Announces Winners of the 2016 BioProcess International Awards by BPI Staff September 12, 2016 Selexis to triple cell line capacity on back of increased demand by Dan Stanton


April 18, 2016 

BioProcess International Cancer Immunotherapies: Fulfilling the Promise of Protein and Cell Therapies by Angelo DePalma


April 15, 2016

Genetic Engineering News GEN Roundup: How to Improve Cell-Line Productivity by GEN Staff Writer



May 11, 2015

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Ligand Buys Another 15 Biologics Programs from Selexis for $4M