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Selexis-Generated Research Cell Banks Now Fully Sequenced Using Next-Generation Sequencing

Jan 22, 2015 2:11:06 PM

Selexis SA is the First biotechnology Company to Deliver Manufacturing-ReadyResearch Cell Banks with a Fully Sequenced Genome and Transcriptome

Geneva, Switzerland, January 22, 2015 – Selexis SA, a serial innovation company with proven technologies for characterized mammalian Research Cell Banks (RCBs) used for drug discovery to commercial manufacturing, announced today all Selexis generated Research Cell Banks will include Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data packages. The NGS analysis of the cell’s genetic architecture de-risks biologic manufacturing by ensuring the integrity of the gene, validation of the left and right integration sites and providing a comprehensive genetic baseline that allows for a novel way to code and trace the RCB with a reference point for cumulative mutations and other genetic changes.

“With the advent of faster, more cost-effective Next-Generation Sequencing technologies combined with our exclusive bioinformatics tools, we now have the ability to quickly analyze and assemble the genetic architecture of any Selexis generated Research Cell Bank. The analysis gives us major knowledge and insight into the genome and transcriptome of our CHO K1 cell line,” said Dr. Igor Fisch, CEO, Selexis SA. “Our customers will now have unprecedented tools that can decrease biologic manufacturing risks from point mutations to the introduction of adventitious agents.”

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