Selexis has been setting the pace of innovation in protein expression and establishing new benchmarks in bioproduction for  two decades.

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Selexis SA to Partner at BIO-Europe Spring

Feb 25, 2014 1:43:47 PM

Selexis to Meet with Biopharmaceutical Companies Interested in Protein Drug Discovery, Cell Line Development and Lead Identification for Therapeutic Drug Development and Manufacturing

Geneva, Switzerland, February 25, 2014– Selexis SA, a serial innovation company focused on drug discovery for lead identification and cell line development for scale-up and manufacturing of therapeutic protein drugs, announced today that representatives from the Company will be participating in the BIO-Europe Spring one-on-one partnering meetings being held March 10-12, 2014 at the OVAL Lingotto conference center in Turin, Italy.

Selexis has partnerships and commercial deals with leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Selexis’ SUREtechnology Platform™ offers a range of solutions for expressing genes in CHO cells and other mammalian systems and addresses issues such as over-expression of membrane proteins, secretion bottlenecks with difficult-to-express proteins and development of high producing clonal cell lines for therapeutic protein programs. Selexis’ SUREtechnology Platform™ can be applied from early drug discovery to cGMP manufacturing, resulting in faster, more reliable, higher-expressing mammalian cell lines that can be applied to a wide range of areas such as diagnostics, drug discovery, therapeutics, and bio-manufacturing.

Representatives will be available to discuss Selexis’ capabilities. Companies or individuals attending BIO-Europe Spring can schedule meetings with Selexis by visiting (registration required):

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