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Selexis SA to Speak at the the Human Antibodies and Hybridomas (HAH2014) Conference

Mar 26, 2014 2:46:15 PM

Dr. Pierre-Allain Girod to Present on Data on Engineering CHO Cell Lines for Enhanced Production of Monoclonal Antibodies and Fc:Fusion Proteins

Geneva, Switzerland (PRWEB) March 26, 2014 Selexis SA, a serial innovation company focused on drug discovery for lead identification and cell line development for scale-up and manufacturing of therapeutic protein drugs, announced today the Company’s chief scientific officer, Pierre-Allain Girod, PhD, will present, “Selexis SURE CHO-Mplus™ Libraries: Custom Solutions for MAb Expression Bottlenecks,” as part of the molecular biology session on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at the 18th Annual Human Antibodies and Hybridomas Conference being held March 31 – April 2 in Vienna, Austria.

Presentation Abstract:

Selexis SURE CHO-Mplus™ Libraries: Custom Solutions for MAb Expression Bottlenecks

As an alternative to extensive cell clone screening that requires significant resources and infrastructure, Selexis pursued a host cell engineering approach to address expression issues in CHO cells. To identify auxiliary (chaperone) proteins essential for high-level recombinant protein production, we leveraged data from our completed CHO-M Genome and Transcriptome project and designed a collection of CHO-M libraries expressing complex pools of auxiliary (chaperone) proteins in a single screen. Each CHO-Mplus library expresses a diversity of auxiliary proteins involved in specific secretory pathways and cellular metabolism. This type of approach provides an overall understanding of the pathways controlling secretion of a defined recombinant protein in a single screen, rather than addressing these issues on a chaperone-by-chaperone basis. These CHO-M libraries boost expression over broad range of difficult-to-express proteins.

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