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Selexis to Present Data at ESACT 2019 from the SUREtechnology and Beacon® Optofluidic Collaboration

May 6, 2019 3:26:36 AM

Research Cell Banks Produce Therapeutic Proteins in Just Eight Weeks as Validated in Oral Presentation on Integration of Berkeley Lights’ Beacon Optofluidic Platform with Selexis’ Workflow and Clone Prediction Tool 

Poster Presentations Highlight Efficient Production of Bispecific Antibodies and a Combinatorial Engineering Approach to Overcoming Limitations of Post-Transcriptional Cellular Machineries

Geneva, Switzerland, May 6, 2019Selexis SA, a pioneering life sciences company and a global leader in mammalian cell line generation technology, today announced that the Company is presenting new cell line development data from its collaboration with Berkeley Lights at the European Society of Animal Cell Technology (ESACT) 2019 Meeting, being held May 5-8 at the Bella Center Copenhagen.

Selexis Cell Line development in eight weeks

In an oral presentation, “Beacon® CLD Platform, From Single Cell Productivity to Small Bioreactor,” Selexis scientists highlighted findings from the company’s integration of the Beacon Optofluidic Platform into the SUREtechnology Platform™ workflow. By combining Beacon with SUREtechnology’s advanced gene transfection technologies and Selexis’ proprietary clone prediction tool, Selexis scientists significantly reduced the time and effort in the development of high-performance research cell banks (RCBs) to just eight weeks. Iris Bodenmann of Selexis presented today as part of the Cell Culture Process Controls and Analytics track.

Cell line productivity and manufacturability are the dominant criteria for a successful cell line development process. To support the increased number of biotherapeutic molecules entering clinical trials, the rapid generation of high-expressing, stable and clonal RCBs is a critical step to the manufacturing process. The more quickly productivity can be assessed in conditions mimicking bioreactors, the faster the RCB can be moved into manufacturing.

“In biologic drug development, many factors can impact speed to market. By delivering a validated RCB to our partners in eight weeks, we are helping them provide new treatment options to patients faster,” said Igor Fisch, PhD, CEO, Selexis SA. “We work alongside our partners to supply the cell lines they need to advance to the clinic more quickly than ever, without compromising quality and safety. Today, as a result of our groundbreaking work, we are able to deliver a significant timeline advantage to biopharmaceutical companies. At Selexis, we continue to push the limits of our technologies to help our partners improve human health.”

 Selexis researchers will also present two posters at the meeting on the development of bispecific antibodies and overcoming current limitations in cell line development with SUREtechnology. The posters will be available online.

“As proteins become more complex, we are in an ever-present race to innovate and that’s an exciting place to be for Selexis,” said Pierre-Alain Girod, PhD, chief scientific officer, Selexis SA. “The data we are presenting at the ESACT meeting are indicative of our technology’s promise in the face of current cell line development challenges. Today, with our technology and scientific talent, we’re able to help companies develop bispecific antibodies and restore and improve many cellular functions overloaded by recombinant proteins. Not only can we help companies pursue entirely new treatment paradigms, but we can also help address other cell line challenges.”


Poster Presentation Details:

Abstract:           ESACT-507

Poster Number: P-182

Title:                 Innovative Bioengineering Solutions to Therapeutics Production

When:               Tuesday, May 7; 14:00 – 15:30

Location:           Exhibition Hall


Abstract:           ESACT-380

Poster Number: P-160

Title:                 Breakthrough Cld Platform for Bispecific Antibodies Expression

When:               Tuesday, May 7; 14:00 – 15:30

Location:           Exhibition Hall

Selexis’ SUREtechnology Platform is based on Selexis SGE® (Selexis Genetic Elements) — novel human DNA-based elements that control the dynamic organization of chromatin across mammalian cells. These elements increase transcription rates of transgenes by rendering the expression cassette independent of the locus of integration and thus allowing higher and more stable expression of any recombinant proteins. SUREtechnology improves the way cells are used in the discovery, development and manufacturing of recombinant proteins.

The Selexis SURE CHO-M Cell Line™ is a proprietary high-performance mammalian cell line derived from CHO-K1 cells. The genome of Selexis SURE CHO-M Cell Line has been fully sequenced and is used to characterize the sequence of the transgene, identify transgene integration loci and to document the monoclonality of cell populations. Selexis SURE CHO-M Cell Line is used for the production of therapeutic recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies.

 About Selexis SA

Selexis SA, a JSR Life Sciences Company, is the global leader in cell line development with best-in-class modular technology and highly specialized solutions that enable the life sciences industry to rapidly discover, develop and commercialize innovative medicines and vaccines. Our global partners are utilizing Selexis technologies to advance more than 115 drug products in clinical development and the manufacture of five commercial products. As part of a comprehensive drug development process, the Company’s technologies shorten development timelines and reduce manufacturing risks. JSR’s CDMO service offering leverages the full capabilities of Selexis’ proprietary SUREtechnology Platform™ to offer an end-to-end solution to the industry. More information is available at 


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