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Selexis: It’s a Great Place to Work®

May 17, 2018 7:23:24 PM

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. – Albert Einstein

As an entrepreneur, I know firsthand how thrilling it is to start a new company. We aim for success, and we determine for ourselves what that success will look like. Maybe it’s increased sales growth; maybe it’s attracting capital or top talent. Though these factors are reasonable measurements of success on the surface, Selexis believes success depends on so much more. We trust it is a direct result of creating a positive and supportive environment for our employees. We know, above all, our employees are the most valuable asset we have as a company. To that end, we wanted to know: Do our employees look forward to coming to work every day? Are we helping them achieve fulfillment? Are we providing both the challenges and the resources they need to nurture both their work and home lives? That’s why we submitted the company for evaluation in the “Best Companies to Work for in Switzerland” study carried out by Great Place to Work®. We were thrilled to be notified that we had earned a place on this year’s prestigious list of Swiss companies in the category of companies with 20-49 employees. Selexis is a Great Place to Work because our employees believe in the company and what we are doing. They believe we offer an environment in which to thrive and achieve happiness in their careers and at home. What more could an employer want?

When I look around today, I see not only our employees, but a loyal extended family who, even after years of serving the company, are still working hard to help Selexis achieve its collective mission to help our industry bring life-saving medicines to patients in need. With less than 40 employees, we have accomplished so much. In fact, we signed our 100th commercial license agreement just last month, meaning that over 100 human clinical trials are using or have used our technologies. I remain amazed at how such a small team can create so much momentum.

Achieving this recognition, according to Great Place to Work Switzerland, is a testament that our employees believe that Selexis has an “especially trustworthy, appreciative and attractive workplace culture.” The submission process involved completing both an employee survey and a comprehensive culture audit. Selexis conducted an in-depth, anonymous survey of our employees which revealed that 96% of our employees believe Selexis is a great place to work. The survey also uncovered areas where Selexis could improve, creating specific, actionable takeaways.

In addition to the survey, Selexis also drafted and designed a lengthy culture audit covering topics such as hiring and welcoming, communication, recognition and career development, among others. In this audit, we provided thoughtful, concrete examples of all of the ways Selexis supports, engages and celebrates its employees.

I knew we had something special in our people. Recognition as a Great Place to Work only solidified that belief for me. Congratulations to every employee whose hard work, talent and dedication makes Selexis a Great Place to Work. I am grateful. This is success.

We are always looking for ‘great’ talent. If you are interested in a career at Selexis, please submit your resume.