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Selexis SUREtechnology Platform - The Formula 1 Race Car of Cell Line Development

Jul 31, 2018 4:17:53 PM

In building a marketing campaign for our lead technology, we wanted something that would reflect and represent the continued innovation and power of our SUREtechnology Platform™ with images and representations that would capture attention and compel biopharmaceutical decision makers to learn more about us. As we know, standing out in the crowd is hard work. From connecting with potential partners at meetings to developing informative marketing materials, we felt that the Formula 1® (F1) race car – known as the technological pinnacle of all motorcars – would be the perfect metaphor for explaining our SUREtechnology Platform.

Proprietary codons, genetic elements, optimized vectors, and powerful libraries (engine) in our fully documented SURE CHO-M Cell Line™ (body) powered by off the shelf media and feed (fuel) are used to rapidly and effectively address the particular needs of each of our clients. We introduced the Selexis F1 campaign five years ago to inform and remind our customers and future partners about the speed, performance, innovation and winning history of our technology. Simply, we are the engineers of the fastest, most technologically advanced cell line development platform in the industry today. Just like the engineers of F1 race cars, Selexis scientists continually innovate our technology platform to bring the very best to our industry and solidify our role in helping our partners bring much-needed therapies to patients faster, safer and more cost-effectively.

The technologies behind Formula 1 cars make these races the most thrilling to watch in the world. From the car’s aerodynamics, state-of-the art engine, fuel and precision engineering – to the unmatched teamwork of the pit crew – the Formula 1 race car is a masterpiece to behold. Selexis’ powerful protein expression platform – the SUREtechnology Platform – is designed to be the Formula 1 race car of mammalian cell line development. How?

From Transfection to Transfer - The Selexis “Pit Crew” Is There to Get you Across the Finish Line

Our cell line development technologies are exceptional at improving the way that mammalian cells are used in the discovery, development and manufacturing of virtually any recombinant protein drug. We take our partners’ gene of interest and construct a winning “race car” that expresses their therapeutic protein. Like Formula 1 race car teams, the Selexis “pit crew” (comprised of our highly specialized and best-in-class business development, project management and scientific teams) works together to implement our science. Proprietary codons, genetic elements, optimized vectors, and powerful libraries (engine) in our fully documented SURE CHO-M Cell Line™ (body) powered by off the shelf media and feed (fuel) are used to rapidly and effectively address the particular needs of each of our clients. Today, more than 100 drug products in clinical development and three commercial products were created with our SUREtechnology.

Selexis SUREtechnology helps you reach the clinic faster - CHO cell

Our “Fuel”: Selexis’ Off-the-Shelf Media and Feed

Formula One race cars use just the right high-density fuel blends and are among the most fuel efficient in the world at maximum power and speed. At Selexis, we have adapted our proprietary cell line to run at maximum efficiency with off-the-shelf media and feed. Our SUREfeed Strategy™ allows for faster, more efficient scale-up to large bioreactors – saving our partners time and money.

Top Performance and Speed

Through our modular CHO cell line development technologies, we can deliver the highest quality research cell banks (RCB) with the highest titers in the industry and an ICH compliant RCB report in just 14 weeks.

Innovation and a Winning Cell Line

Formula 1 race cars – though they look similar on the outside – are subject to constant innovation aimed at further improving and perfecting performance. Analytics of every component of the car are conducted to select and design the elements that come together to create a winner. Nobody understands CHO cells better than Selexis. In June 2015, Selexis introduced SUREscan®, a next-generation sequencing-based solution for assessing the genomic architecture of their production cell lines. Since then, continued and sustained R&D efforts revolving around next-generation sequencing technologies, bioinformatics and algorithmic developments have allowed Selexis to introduce an unprecedented, comprehensive genomic package that combines SUREscan along with the recently announced, SUREsignature®.

Though there are many CHO cells out there, Selexis delivers the winning CHO cell that helps our partners cross the clinical and commercial finish lines. This means the rapid translation of scientific innovation into life-saving medicines.

From difficult-to-express to novel proteins, let the Selexis pit crew help you cross the finish line! Connect with us today.

Formula 1 is a trademark of Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula 1 Company.