Selexis CHO Cells in Suspension-1

Protein formats

Dedicated to solving the most difficult protein expression challenges, Selexis embodies an enduring commitment to innovation and quality. Discover some of the protein format varieties that Selexis has successfully expressed over the past twenty years.

With its proprietary CHO-M cell line and SUREtechnology™ protein expression platform, Selexis provides partners worldwide with stable cell lines producing virtually any recombinant therapeutic protein at a high level and with consistent quality attributes. Over the last twenty years, Selexis has expressed both classical and novel scaffolds with increased levels of secretion complexity, such as:

  • classical monoclonal antibodies
  • bispecifics and other multispecifics
  • fusion proteins
  • enzymes
  • hormones
  • blood factors
  • viral proteins
  • large multimeric proteins
  • vaccines


Here is an overview of some expressed protein formats at Selexis. Selexis has also expressed many others that remain undisclosed.


Scaffold variety at SLX


Among the 10 marketed products and 160+ clinical phase products developed with Selexis’ proprietary technology, there are many different Fc fusion proteins:

  • Orientations in N terminus or C terminus, on one arm or the two, lead to asymmetric or symmetric molecules, which can further complexify the expression of the desired format.
  • Maintain the hinge or remove it.
  • Design with different linkers in terms of amino acid composition or length.


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