Selexis CHO Cells in Suspension-1

JSR Life Sciences

Committed to the advancement of human health by improving the probability of success, decreasing timelines, and increasing the efficacy of innovative therapies.



JSR Life Sciences operates as the strategic leader of JSR’s biotech and life sciences focused businesses, as well as its affiliate companies including MBL, KBI Biopharma, Selexis, Crown Bioscience and others throughout Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.  JSR Life Sciences is committed to the advancement of human health worldwide as a strategic partner to companies that discover, develop and deliver products to treat disease and improve the quality of life for patients.  With more than 50 years of experience in materials sciences, JSR is a strategic advanced materials supplier of high technology particles and materials to leading companies specializing in biologics manufacturing, in vitro diagnostics and research products and services.

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